Captain America Vol 7 1 Quesada Variant Textless

Captain America

Steve Rogers was a very small man that really wanted to be in the army but all of the places he went said no. He had been to like 4 places and now he was going for the fifth place. He went in the building and tried again and they accepted him to come into the army. Whenever they got there they told them to get a the flag of that phonepoll. Everybody was trying to climb up it but then the guy that was leading them told them to come on. But right before they left Steve Rogers pulled the pin that was holding the flag up and it fell to the ground. So later on some of the people thought that they should make Steve Rogers Captain America. They asked if he wanted to test the experiment. Then Stark (Tony Stark's Dad) told him to get in the machine. He wlked in and they strap him to it and then they shut the door to the machine. They turned it on on Steve started screamin so Stark said he was going to stop but Steve told them to keep going whenever they opened the door He walked out and he looked like a whole different person. And from then on he was Captain America.

Superhero Information power number: 18

Strength Level: 800 pounds